2012 is here, a new year, a chance to see new things, try new foods, meet new people be open to adventures. Happy New Year.
It’s already mid-January and my last post was Christmas Cookies. Christmas was a fun time with the family and suffice it to say I’m a bit behind in posting.
The week after flew by and I was caught up in getting the house ready to close up and packing for my trip south. Last week I arrived in the Dominican Republic where we’ve rented an apartment for the next few weeks.
Max had come the first of December to stay in a town on the Samana Peninsula directly north of the major city of Santo Domingo. He met me in Santo Domingo for a few days of sightseeing before heading to our stay in Las Terrenas.
It has the slightest resemblance to Ferragudo in Portugal’s Algarve region where we spent last winter. It has beautiful beaches and fishermen who come in daily selling fresh fish right off the boats. There are small shops where we can buy groceries but there the resemblance ends. Ferragudo was definitely very European, this is very Latin.
The streets are filled with activity, people walking or just hanging out, women washing clothes on their doorsteps and hanging them to dry on fences or bushes, children playing marbles in the middle of the road, dogs wandering about. Tiny shops and restaurants line the main street. Motor scooters, ATVs, trucks, cars, music issuing from shops and homes and the occasional pickup truck with a loudspeaker bringing messages in Spanish all add to the cacophony.
The spectacular beaches, pristine waters, and perfect climate make it a draw for tourists. For the adventurous there is snorkeling, horseback riding, and many other activities. The main street is lined with shops selling crafts, tee shirts, postcards and other things ubiquitous in tourist areas. It is not as highly developed as some of the big resort areas however, so it still feels like a small town.
We’ve been interested to discover a large French community here, apparently ex-pats. We’ve eaten in several excellent French restaurants and often have coffee at a small French boulangerie.
One of the best things about travel is being immersed in a new culture. We are enjoying getting to know this one a bit.

The beach at Las Terrenas