Another beautiful day. We walked on the beach, Max swam and then we watched some of the fishing boats come in. I took a picture of the little bar/restaurants lining the beach. There are more elegant places but we like this place because of the local color.

Bars on fishing beach

Fish market on the beach

Walking down the beach we came across a man with a very long pole knocking coconuts out of the Palm trees. His pole was made up of four very long bamboo poles tied together. He poked at a cluster of coconuts high up in the trees. One or sometimes several would come falling down. Some rolled down the beach into the sea. One of his helpers would run into the surf and spear them, one by one with a machete.

Poking at coconuts

The road runs along the beach with the tall coconut palms between the road and beach. The coconut gathers heap them in pile along the road and then carry them away in their little pickups.

Waiting for pickup. Notice the erosion along the beach. It drops a couple of feet leaving roots exposed.