Hi-a-tus: Noun 1. a breakĀ or interruption in the continuity of a work, series, action, etc.
2. a missing part; gap or lacuna
3. any gap or opening.

There has been a hiatus in this blog. When last I wrote, it was about downsizing. That is over a month ago. A lot has happened since then, not the least the Christmas and New Years holidays. Shortly after my December 5th submission things got a bit difficult. A member of our immediate family was very ill in Intensive Care for nearly two weeks and an extended family member was facing a life threatening illness. It was difficult to think of writing.
The holidays passed in a blur but there were some good things. For the first time in twenty years, Max and I spent Christmas with our five children. It was a joyous occasion marred only by the absence of some grandchildren. Two because of illness and others because of those family obligations that divide families when holidays occur. Grandchildren marry and each family wants the presence of their own child. It becomes his family one year, hers the next. Universal problems I expect.
The holidays are over, a bit of normalcy has returned and I will be writing from Spain for the next few weeks. Health has been restored as much as possible and we are hopeful for good outcomes.