We walked down the hill from our apartment this morning to see the sunrise over the sea. It is a lovely sight to watch the gradual lightness turn into streaks of pink and finally the sun appear over the horizon. We enjoyed it with coffee sitting at a little outdoor cafe at the foot of our street.

Our apartment is in Mojacar Playa, about an hour from the city of Almeria in the Andalucia region of Spain. The weather here is in the 60s with bright sun every day. It’s hard to imagine snow and cold at home. We are up a slight hill a five minute walk from the sea, behind us barren mountains are all we can see.

There are wide brick or tile sidewalks for miles with scores of restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels. It is not too busy this time of year with many places closed for the winter. A nice time to be here. It’s much more a resort area than our previous winter places.

We’ve tried a number of restaurants. Yesterday we had a fabulous lunch at one of them. A couple run it, he’s the chef, Juan, and Renata, is the hostess/waitperson. It was chilly when we went in, I left my jacket on. She noticed and soon had pulled out a heater for me.

I was struck by Renata’s glasses. They come apart at the bridge of the nose. She put them on when she was explaining the menu, otherwise each eyeglass hung separately from a cord around her neck. Magnets hold the two pieces together when she’s wearing them. She said they are quite common, I wonder if they’re available in the States.

At lunch the bread was served with goose drippings left from roasting a goose. They were blended with apples and onions and had a pronounced of sage flavor. To our surprise, it was delicious. I never would have thought of saving the drippings and creating something special with them.

Sunrise in Mojacar

Our street