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Save the Date for Strawberry Festival: June 23rd & 24th!!
Several new plantings are going in the ground this spring. Look for more of your favorite apple varieties (Hello Honeycrisp!) as they ripen this fall. We're also taking some cues from feedback we received on new wine varietals and are working on a couple cool new blends. Look for those at the wine counter this year, where tastings will be open Fri-Sun from 12-5.
Stay tuned for updates here on Pick-Your-Own fruits in season. We're making some minor adjustments to the PYO procedures, which we hope will go very smoothly. Everything will be evident when you get here!
Rules of thumb:
  • Strawberry picking = schools out for the summer; best to plan ahead, though
  • Raspberries = 4th of July
  • Blueberries = a week later
  • Blackberries & currants = later in the summer.
  • Apple picking =  back to school

Pick Your Own
Closed for the Season
Strawberries June
Raspberries Late June-July
Currants July
Blueberries July-August
Blackberries July-August
Apples Sept-Oct
Call 978-356-5366 for status
Open 9-6 Daily
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