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Open Tuesday through Sunday 9-6
Apple Picking now open! See the Pick Your Own Box on the right of this page for daily updates on varieties and conditions. Please note, in order to move people safely and smoothly through the orchards, there are two ways apple picking is set up:

Weekends (and Monday holidays): Purchase an empty 10 lb bag (1 peck) at the beginning of the walking trail. This admits 1-5 people ages 4 and above to the orchard. Groups of more than 5 will be asked to purchase an additional bag. Enjoy a beautiful 7-15 minute walk through the orchard to your apple picking destination. When your apple bag is full walk back to the store and check out the outdoor marketplace. Our famous cider donuts are being made fresh all day, as well as homemade apple pies, tons of other bakery delights, and the utterly sinful cider donut sundae! (Due to ongoing COVID concerns, we are not offering hayrides at this time. We hope to bring back this treasured option next year!)

Tuesday-Friday: Begin at the PYO booth near the pond. Entrance to the orchard is $5 per person aged 4 and above. Apple picking bags are provided as you begin a leisurely 5 minute walk to the rows of apple varieties. Apples are priced by the pound. Your bag is weighed at the exit and you pay for what you have picked. The entry deposit is credited towards the apples picked. (No refunds.)

Pick-Your-Own season is always a highlight of the farm year. For many returning families and long-time pickers, this tradition has become a day to photograph, remember, and cherish. Other folks are new to the experience and are just interested in spending time outdoors and casually picking a few apples. Either way, we are happy to see you and eager to help you have a great experience. Please ask for assistance if needed and be sure to check the conditions before heading out so your expectations can be realistic. We have a good relationship with Mother Nature but she is always going to be the boss!

We are hiring! Have you always wanted to be part of the amazing team that makes up the heart of Russell Orchards? Open positions include: 
Cashiers, bakery/kitchen staff, greeter, parking attendants. Apply on Indeed or send us an email (see Contact page). Also:
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Head Baker
  • Operations Assistant (IT)
  • Assistant Fruit Farmer
  • Facilities Manager
Read job descriptions here.

Pick Your Own
PYO Open 9-5 Tues-Sun
Apples OPEN
McIntosh, Empire, Fuji, Jonagold, Cortland, Gala, Crispin, Red Delicious
Blackberries July-August
Strawberries June
Cherries Early July
Raspberries Late June-July
Currants July
Blueberries July-August
Store Open 9-6 Tues-Sun
In the Store Now*
Golden Delicious
From the Fields:
Asian Pears
Bartlett Pears
Bosc Pears
Seckel Pears
Spartlett Pears
From the Gardens:
Husk Cherry
Onions - Yellow
Sugar Pumpkins
Sweet Potatoes
*List updated as availability changes throughout day.
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