July 25, 12:58 pm

Our bakery and kitchen staff are trained in allergen awareness and are overseen by certified Food Safety Managers. We take your trust in our food preparation and safety very seriously. The following is a partial list of known allergens and their place among our food offerings.
Tree nuts: Walnuts, pecans, and almonds are used in select baked goods. Shared equipment is washed between preparation of nut and non-nut items. Items made with tree nuts are labeled and served on separate trays.
Milk: Butter, milk, or cream is used in several of our baked items, including, but not limited to: scones, muffins, muffin tops, rollups, pies, macaroons, cream cheese spreads, yogurt pops.
Eggs: Muffins, muffin tops, biscotti, cookies, tea cakes, donuts.
Wheat: Muffins, muffin tops, scones, pies, crisps, cobblers, donuts, rollups, cookies, croutons, crostini.
Soy: Donuts, potato salad, pasta salad.
There are no nuts in the cider donuts.
We offer GLUTEN FREE CIDER DONUTS made at an outside facility, while supplies last.
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