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Chickens: Roosters & Hens flock together in several areas around the barnyard and the pasture. They spend their time pecking the ground and playing chase. The eggs from these hens are splendid!
Ducks: Several varieties are here including Indian Runners and Muscovy. The occasional group of Mallards will decide to camp here from time to time to enjoy the free lunch.
Geese: Watch your behind if these tall and fearless barnyard denizens are on the make!
Turkeys: Several turkeys are raised every year for our familiesí Thanksgivings. They are not really bred for longevity, but sometimes a special Tom gets a pardon.
Guinea Fowl: Easily the most attention-grabbing members of our barnyard friends. These noisy little critters travel all over the place in a huddle in search of food - like insects, even ticks! - and are known to raise a racket.
Pigs: Big Darryl is the top hog. Darryl has a jaunty spring in his step and enjoys garden-rake back scratches (from his handlers only, please). He weighs an estimated 900 lbs! Sometimes we raise piglets to send to other farms. Please keep your hands away from the pigs - they cannot see the difference between your fingers and the food in your fingers. Best to keep your hands away at all times.
Donkeys: Daisy the red miniature donkey and her foal Gingergold (Ginger for short) came to us in June 2015, and they have created quite a stir ever since! This mama and baby pair love to be scratched and adored. They romp and play with each other and with other animals from the moment they wake up. Keep your hands and fingers away from their mouths at all times.
Horses: We are happily hosting a trio of fine looking retired show horses in our barnyard. Come see them and say hello!
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