Ice Cream
SPECIAL UPDATE 2021: Due to restrictions in place during the COVID-19 Response, eating inside the store is prohibited. We kindly ask that you take your ice cream outside to enjoy it immediately after purchase. Our newest farm essential is the Cider Slushie! Cool off with a delicious icy concoction in a seasonal fruit flavor. We have been proudly serving Richardsons Homemade Ice Cream since 1999! Richardson's dairy is famous for its premium ice cream, made in small batches at their award-winning facility in Middleton, MA. Treat yourself to our unique Cider Donut Sundae, a decadent dish with a fresh cider donut, two scoops of your flavor of choice, drizzled with hot caramel sauce and topped with Cabot whipped cream, our own fresh fruit, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Or you can keep it simple with the emphasis on the main attraction: pure premium flavors served on traditional sugar cones. We also offer an array of pre-packaged frozen treats such as cider popsicles, cider donut ice cream sandwiches, as well as 1/2 gallons of Richardson's ice cream to go.
Hours and season: Open Tue-Sun 11-5:30 from Memorial Day weekend through Indigenous People's Day weekend.
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