July 25, 10:54 am
School Tours

School Tours are back!

Each year we welcome thousands of local school children to our farm. Seasoned and courteous tour guides greet and guide you. All students and teachers are taken out to the orchard on a tractor-drawn hayride to pick their own bag of apples (crop permitting), which always makes for great classroom activities and wonderful memories. Kids as young as Pre-K all the way through high school can benefit from their time spent out of doors and in the safe and educational arena of the apple orchard. Call the store 978-356-5366 Tues-Fri between 9AM and 6PM to book your classroom tour (booking opens on August 1st) or email outreach@russellorchards.com for further inquiry, or if your group has specific needs for special accommodation. We regret that groups of more than 120 cannot be safely accommodated; we recommend dividing and booking separately. Please review Options and Policies to be fully informed and prepared for your orchard visit.
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