There is something about apple cider that makes people nostalgic. Could be the smell of sweet and tangy apples in their raw state being crushed and pressed into a pungent mixture of liquid autumn. Or maybe it is the awe-inspiring sight of bushel upon bushel of apples as they are washed and loaded and sent into the grinder for their great reward. Perhaps it is the spicy taste of the golden brown brew that sends your taste buds reeling back to your childhoods or even further back to an imagined time when things were simpler. Most likely it is a combination of senses and memories mixed together that puts apple cider into a category all its own.
Pressed fresh every week from September through November, our cider is a blend of apples selected for flavor and sweetness. Our unique unpasteurized cider is sought from far and wide for its depth of flavor and unique nutritional qualities that are otherwise lost through the pasteurization process. We make enough cider in the fall to freeze over the winter, taking out only what we need for sales throughout the following spring and summer. We offer our cold apple cider in 12-ounce, quart, half-gallon, and gallon sizes, and hot mulled by the cup when the weather is chilly.
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