July 25, 11:23 am

Local Products
Among the plethora of fine items that we make or grow ourselves, our farm store is filled with unique local products and exciting gourmet goodies. As you browse the shelves you will see signs highlighting those products made in Ipswich, made in Massachusetts, and made in New England. From the all-natural product line of Ipswich Bay Soaps to Massachusetts-made maple syrup, our offerings are intended to bring you some of the best of what our local cohorts are producing. We carry several types of artisanal cheese and breads produced within just a few miles. We are truly fortunate to have a huge assortment of high quality Massachusetts and New England-made food items to share with our customers. Whether it is candy made in Salem, cookies made in Essex, hot sauce made in Newburyport, or sugar free jellies from Amesbury, only the best can pass the test.
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