July 25, 1:03 pm

Books & World Goods

Our store is also home to a wonderful assortment of books. We specialize in books about our area, or by authors who live in our area. You'll find books to guide you if you're interested in farming know-how, wine-making, or sustainable living. Children's books by local authors are a favorite for our little visitors, and their parents and grandparents too.
One of our other areas of interest is the fair-trade industry and we proudly carry several unique and beautiful products from around the world. We offer African baskets from Ghana, handbags made from recycled goods in Thailand and Cambodia, and more specialty fair-trade items, all of which support important initiatives and fund social justice causes.
In keeping with our farm-style theme, we also carry several useful household items such as rolling pins and baking gizmos, and other small kitchen accessories that we find indispensable around the house. In the wine shop there is an array of beautiful wine stoppers, servingware, and unique wine-related gifts. As the seasons change you'll notice that the offerings change as well. Halloween items are essential at a farm such as ours, where people build their whole weekend around the plan to pick out the perfect pumpkin!

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