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Welcome back friends!
Spring 2021 - bring it on!

What is happening around here now? Well, we have been busy re-vamping things behind the scenes, including some much needed changes to the ice cream shop. We have been totally smitten by our four little barnyard babies (2 lambs and 2 kids) who will be thrilled to see you. They are in the pen next to Little Lulu (RIP Big Darryl 2020).

We are planning to open the season with the same social distancing and mask wearing protocols as last year, and we humbly appreciate your support in keeping the staff and yourselves safe while you visit us.
Hope to see you all soon!

We are hiring! Have you always wanted to be part of the amazing team that makes up the heart of Russell Orchards? Open positions include: 
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Head Baker
  • Operations Assistant (IT)
  • Assistant Fruit Farmer
  • Facilities Manager
Read job descriptions here.

Pick Your Own
PYO Opens in June
Apples Sept-Oct
Blueberries July-August
Blackberries July-August
Strawberries June
Cherries Early July
Currants July
Raspberries Late June-July
Open 9-6 Tue-Sun
In the Store Now*
Golden Delicious
Granny Smith
Pink Lady
Red Delicious
Assorted Goodies:
Almond Butter $14.99
Apple Butter $4.95
Asst Jams & Jellies
Darryl Gets a Donut Children's Book $20
Fruit Wine Vinegar $18.95
Mojo Iced Coffee $5.95
Pigeon Cove Kombucha $20/growler
Pigeon Cove Kraut $12.95
Apple Pie $17
Apple Roll-up $4.95
Big Cookie $2.95
Biscotti $1.95
Blueberry Pie $17
Cider Donuts/ hf doz. $5
Cider Donuts/doz. $10
Coconut Macaroon $1.95
GF muffin $2.95
Granola $7.95
Muffin Top $3.50
Olive Oil Crackers $5.95
Scone $2.95
Books & Activities:
Grammy's Kitchen Orchard Cookbook $20
1/2 Gallon $5.25
Gallon $8.95
Quart $4.25
Dairy (local):
Cabot Cheddar $4.95
Cabot cheddar mini $.75
Shredded Cheddar $5.95
Topsfield Chevre $7.95
Topsfield Feta $9.95
Vt. Chipotle Cheddar $9.95
Vt. Colby $9.95
Vt. Feta $9.95
Vt. Grn Onion Cheddar $9.95
Vt. Jalapeno Jack $9.95
Vt. Monterey Jack $9.95
Vt. Raw Milk Cheddar $9.95
Balsamic Vinaigrette $7
Our own herb crm cheese $4
Cider Vinegar $7.95
Gluten Fr. Cider Donuts $7.50
Ipswich Bay Soap $4.95
Pasta - Egg Papardelle $5
Pasta - Spinach Farfalletti $5
Skin So Soft Greenhead Spray $11
From the Gardens:
Apple Crisp $12.95
Blueberry Cobbler $15
Blueberry Pie $17
Donut IceCrm Sdwch. $3.25
Pie Dough 2Crust $6.95
Hard Cider & Wine (must show ID at pickup):
Apple Blueberry $20
Apricot $34
Baldwin Apple $18
Black Currant $20
Blackberry $25
Blackberry Apple $22
Cherry Wine $25
Cider & Perry $18
Dandelion Wine $29
Dry Blueberry $29
Fruit Wine Blend $18
Heirloom Apple $20
J's Ice Cider $47
Jostaberry $22
Lilac $26
Max's Dry Cider $12
Middle Ridge Cider $12
Peach $22
Pear $18
Perry $15
Pink Lady Apple $25
Plum $20
Pumpkin Spice $29
Raspberry $22
Raspberry Peach $24
Raspberry Rose Cider $18
Red Currant $24
Rhubarb $20
Sparkling Peach Wine $49
Sparkling Pink Lady $49
Sparkling Raspberry Wine $49
Strawb-Rhubarb $26
Strawberry $26
Sweetheart Cider $12
Wild Blueberry $25
1 lb. jar $10.95
12 lb. jar $100.95
12 oz. bear $10.95
2 lb. jar $18.95
5 lb. jar $43.95
8 oz. bear $7.95
8 oz. jar $6.50
Honey stick $.50
NH Maple Syrup:
1/2 Gallon $48.95
1/2 Pint $9.95
3.4 oz. $5.95
Candy Leaf $4.95
Leaf Bottle $9.95
Maple Cream 8 oz. $12.95
Pint $16.95
Quart $29.95
Black Jewel Popcorn $7.95
Lark Cookies $6.95
Sliced Prosciutto $9.95
Tuna filets in oil $11/jar
Zoe's Salamis $12.50
From the Barnyard:
Eggs $6/doz
*List updated as availability changes throughout day.
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