July 25, 12:59 pm
Pick Your Own
Entry Fee
Picking fruit is a joyful experience that many people love and look forward to every year. People return year after year for the opportunity to connect with nature and glean that special feeling of satisfaction that comes from harvesting the food for, and with, their families. In order to keep the orchards open to the public we have adopted the following policies and ask very respectfully that they be adhered to. See our FAQ page to learn why this system is appropriate for us and how it helps keep our customers' costs down.
With the exception of apple picking on fall weekends, entry to the picking area is $5 per person (toddlers and above). This fee is treated like a non-refundable deposit when entering the orchard for picking. This fee is credited back to you when you exit and pay for the fruit you picked. The credit is only good towards the pick-your-own fruit purchase on the same day (and during the same visit to the fields).
Apple picking on weekends and Monday holidays (in season): Entrance to the picking area is permitted for pickers only. Peck size bags are sold ($25) at the picking site. There is a five person maximum per bag. Large groups of 6 or more people, you will be required to purchase the appropriate number of bags. We ask that all apples fit inside your bags, as opposed to in pocketbooks, backpacks, baby strollers, etc. If you pick more apples than fit in your bag, you will be asked to purchase another bag. Hayrides are offered from the main gate to the picking area for $2 for children ages 4-12, and $3 for adults 12 and up. You may also walk if you prefer.
Each pick-your-own fruit is priced by the pound . Prices are always clearly posted on the PYO What is Picking page, at the entrance to the orchard, and at the picking area as well. Discounts are given for higher volumes of fruit picked.
Berry picking containers are provided at no charge. Picking trays are provided for use on the farm and may be taken home for $1.00.
Gentle Reminders:
Customers are expected to pay for all fruit they have picked upon exiting the orchard gate. If you pick more than you want to pay for, unfortunately you cannot un-pick it so that someone else can have that pleasure. There are several recipes on our recipe page and the Internet is a wonderful source for great ways to use the fruit you have picked, and even how to preserve it for later.
Put all the fruit you pick into your box (or bag), not your belly.
Customers are encouraged to pick an amount greater than or equal to the $5 worth of fruit (for example: one quart of strawberries), so that they feel they have gotten a good value for their money. Examples of adequate sizes are provided at the entrance.
There are no refunds for PYO. If you have spent some time in the orchards or berry fields but for some reason do not return with $5 worth of fruit to purchase, then please consider that money as having been spent on your enjoyment of a beautiful, serene setting that normally has limited access.
Inclement weather may necessitate the sudden closing of PYO. We will not allow the public to enter or remain in the orchard if lightning is present or imminent. Please check the weather forecast soon before your arrival at the orchard.

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