July 25, 11:18 am
School Tours

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your tour is scheduled to begin. Late arrivals may result in a reduced length of your tour, and/or missed hayrides.
The main teacher or adult in charge must come to the store to pay for the total number in the group; this includes all students, parents, siblings, additional staff, chaperones, and others who will accompany the tour. We accept cash, credit cards, or printed school checks, but no individual family-payments please. Overages in pre-cut school checks cannot be refunded immediately; please plan carefully or have alternate methods of payment ready.
Groups who are carpooling or arriving separately should meet together before coming in to pay, so that there is no confusion as to who is present and accounted for. Orchard staff cannot be responsible for keeping track of latecomers. Your paid receipt will get you on the haywagon and will determine the number of picking bags you receive.
An Orchard staffer will direct you to the appropriate location for your tour. Teachers and chaperones are expected to maintain control and ensure proper behavior of the students for the entire length of the visit. In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all, roughhousing, tree-climbing, disrespect of nature and/or outright damage to crops or plants will not be tolerated.
Recommended items: Appropriate clothing, footwear, sun block, insect repellent, Epi-pens for allergic guests, and even Sharpie pens for identifying students' picked apple bags.
Rain or inclement weather may result in the cancellation or postponement of your tour. Since all groups have different needs and rainy days are not all alike, please call the store to discuss your options with one of our guides if the forecast is for rain.
Due to tight scheduling, increased need for child safety and monitoring, and liability, we regretfully cannot accommodate scout troops, parent groups, home daycares, playgroups, parties, or any non-accredited school groups. Please feel welcome to visit the public pick-your-own area during regular hours. If you are bringing outside food or drink for student snacks, please advise us ahead of time, and bring trash bags to carry out all trash and recycling with you. Donut orders should be placed in advance to ensure timely production and availability for your group. Thank you.

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