Produce, Honey & Eggs
All the produce that we sell in our store is grown right here on the farm*. There aren’t too many farm stands of our size that can make that claim! This “Zero Food Miles” pledge helps our customers be aware of the foods of the seasons and how our food choices impact our world. So you won’t find lemons or papayas, grapes from Chile or even purple peppers if they’re not in season in Ipswich, MA. Our seasonal fruits and veggies are harvested every morning and fruits are continually replenished throughout the day as long as supplies last.
Customers make a beeline for our exceptional honey! Honey is harvested from our hives throughout the year by professional beekeepers who take it back to their facilities and bottle it into several size jars. Never pasteurized or tampered with, our own honey is nature’s gift from the bees.
Our eggs are the gorgeous, addictive, bright-yolked kind that people can’t get enough of. The hens here are allowed to roam freely throughout the pasture and eat bugs and squawk amongst themselves. Their moveable chicken coop on wheels travels around to green pastures and into the garden where the girls can overwinter and feast on the leftovers from the summer season.
*We proudly make an exception for Marini’s sweet corn (Ipswich, MA) when in season and for fall pumpkins and squash, both grown by farmers we know and trust in NH and VT.
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